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CARIBBEAN MARINE & SHIPYARD - Shipyard Specifications

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Floating Dock
  • Lifting Capacity……………………… 4500 tons.
  • Length…………………………………....100 m
  • Breadth (int)………………………………23.3 m
  • Two cranes………………………………5 tons each.
Services to dry-docked vessels
  • Shore power supply: 380 v/50 Hz, 440v/60 Hz.
  • Compressed air.
  • Fresh water supply.
  • Salt water supply for ballast, fire fighting and cooling purposes.
  • Telephone connection.
  • Protection System and Extinction of Fire.
 Wharf #         Length                                       Cranes
     3               90 m (295.3 ft)              10 tons / 30 m (98.5 ft)
     4             222 m (242.8 ft)              16 tons / 45 m (147.6 ft)
     5             128 m (420 ft)                 10 tons / 30 m (98.5 ft)
Pier              126 m (413.4 ft)              10 tons / 30 m (98.5 ft)

Services in Berth
  • Power supply: 440v/60 Hz.
  • Compressed air.
  • Salt water supply for ballast, fire fighting and cooling purposes.
  • Protection System and Extinction of Fire.
Steel Workshop
  • Steel and aluminum plates’ renewal.
  • Mc Gregor hatch cover repairs.
  • Supply and installation of cathodic protection.
Surfaces Conservation Workshop
  • Scrapping.
  • Water washing with FW.
  • Water blasting up to 300 Kg/cm².
  • Chemical degreasing.
  • Grit blasting up to SA 2 ½.
  • Air less spray painting of surfaces.
  • Cleaning fuel and ballast tanks.
Piping Workshop
  • Construction and repair of all type of pipe systems: fresh water, salt water(ballast, fire fighting, cooling and bailing systems), oil, compressed air, hydraulic, sanitary, etc.
  • Repair, renewal and testing of all types of valves, including bottom valves.
Mechanics and Machining Workshop
  • Steering gears systems and propulsion mechanisms repairs, including controlled pitch propeller systems.
  • Propeller repairs.
  • Mechanical and chemical cleaning, rebuilding and repair of heat exchangers.
  • Diesel engines and turbochargers repairs.
  • Tail shaft and rudder systems repairs.
  • Main and auxiliary diesel engines overhauling and repairs.
  • Alignment of machinery. Chock fast resining.
  • Deck and auxiliary naval machinery repairs.
  • Machining works.
  • PV valves repairs.
Installations and Electric Equipment Workshop
  • Repairs of: AC and DC electric motors and generation units, switchboards, controls, transformers, power and lighting systems
  • Electric rewinding up to 250 Kw.
  • Low and medium tension electric switchboards fabrication.
Carpentry Workshop
  • Carpentry works in general
  • Manufacture of naval furniture.
  • Works with epoxy resin and fiber glass.
  • Repair and renewal of cargo hold and hatch cover insulation.
Life-rafts Services Station
  • Unique in all the country specialized in checking up and repair of life-rafts.
  • Change of outfit and pyrotechnics.
  • Certified by the following makers: Toyo Rubber from Japan, QJF from China, Duarry S.A. from Spain and RF and DSB Continental from Germany.
Metallographic Laboratory
  • Non Destructive Test
  • Ultrasonic thickness Calibration.
  • Hardness Testing.

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